Photography by Cecile Morgan

Cindy is a key part of the San Francisco/Bay Area dream pop, fog pop, lo fi scene. Led by Karina Gill, members of the touring band include Will Smith of Now, Staizsh Rodrigues of Children Maybe Later, and Oli Lipton of Now and Famous Mammals. The songs are hazy and nostalgic pop-craft with lyrical backbone.

“Many songwriters would do well to learn from such a simple, elegant example” – Uncut (8/10)

“Cindy’s songs [are] held together by the most delicate of bonds, they feel like they could scatter to the wind if a single piece falls out of place. But, handled with care, they still sound beautiful.” – Bandcamp – Album of the Day

“[Cindy] balance Velvets minimalism with an evocatively British-style introspective indie […] delivering sultry, deadpan one-person girl group melodramas” – MOJO (4⁄5)

“so overwhelmingly pretty that it might make you feel slightly dizzy.” – Stereogum

Territory : EU & UK