Photography by Steve Gullick

DRIFT. Is British-Italian producer Nathalia Bruno, releasing music under the guise since 2015. Her ‘techno-pop’ EPs Black Devotion and Genderland released with Avant Records were the first explorations in finding the sound of DRIFT. but as the name suggests, is in constant flux.

In 2020 Symbiosis the debut record was released on Hamburg’s Tapete Records, an assemblage of lo-fi futurism reflecting on the breakdown of communication and interaction Nathalia felt was increasing around her. Channeling classic industrial electronica, haunting melodies, curating a concoction of samples, field recordings and synthetic sounds as a ‘canvas to rewire the vision of the future as colourful and old, ceremonial and rust beaten. A shrine like ornament and clinical machine language plaited together.

In 2022 DRIFT. self released The Nature of Things, a 30 minute piece entitled CTRL/ Algorhythm of Love written and produced for designer Mona Cordes’ Cellusion show for London Fashion Week. “… a journey into the dark heart of the dancefloor. The glimmering bass-heavy trance of its opening section could be classic Underworld, while its ambient center is genuinely Eno-esque. And then it all kicks off again as a Berlin school style banger. It’s terrific… ” said Electronic Sound Mag

This year, 2023 will give birth to DRIFT.’s second album released with God Unknown Records 11 Points In Time; written for and based on outsider artist Rosi Crucci who disappeared in 1988. 11 Points In Time was created using Rosi’s demo cassettes, journals and poetry found in the attic of the home she last lived at, all interpreted and reimagined by DRIFT. whilst attempting to finally give Rosi a voice to be heard for generations to come.

Territory : UK & IRL